Tal-Ya water technologies

Tal-Ya Agriculture Solutions’ revolutionary product presents a dramatic opportunity for the agriculture industry worldwide. Tal-Ya manufactures a unique, patented polypropelyne tray that covers the plant’s root system, directing water and fertilizer directly to the root, while protecting the earth around the root from weeds and extreme temperatures.

The trays are easy to use and bring tremendous added value to farmers, dramatically increasing crop yield, and enabling farmers to harvest more from each tree, faster.

Additionally, use of Tal-Ya trays has been proven in research and in the field to bring a savings of at least 50% in water, 50% in fertilizer use, and an alternative to herbicide (weed-killer).

The trays are fully compatible with drip irrigation and other types of irrigation, as well as making optimal use of rainwater and dew.

Tal-Ya’s product is already serving farms throughout the world. The farmer’s investment in the product is typically returned within a season through water and fertilizer savings, as well as increased crop yield.

Tal-Ya trays are news for farmers, the environment and the world’s ability to provide for its growing population’s nutritional needs.

How it works?

Tal-Ya trays provide a number of benefits which together create a “personal greenhouse” for each tree or plant, leading to accelerated growth and faster time to market.

Following is the list of the product’s attributes and benefits:

  • The tray’s structure focuses water and fertilizer to the root, creating a savings of at least 50% in water consumption and 30% in fertilizer consumption.
  • The tray does not allow sunlight through, so it prevents weeds from growing under the tray around the tree.  This saves organic farmers on manpower to remove weeds, or on the cost of herbicide (and makes for healthier produce).
  • The tray traps air underneath it, which provides insulation and temperature control, protecting the tree in extreme cold and hot temperatures.
  • The top of the tray includes UV which reflects sunlight.  This both protects the tray and reflects sunlight up into the leaves on the underside of the tree (leaves which do not usually receive sunlight), enabling photosynthesis to occur there and accelerating the growth of the tree.
  • Water is constantly evaporating from the earth.  The tray traps this moisture and leads it to trickle back to the root of the tree, making the earth under the tree constantly moist, ideal conditions for growth.

To request information for the european market, send an email to: info@fintechnews.org


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